30th International Day for Biological Diversity

“Building a shared future for all life”, this is the 2022 slogan chosen by the secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to celebrate the 30th International Day for Biological Diversity, and to continue the drive towards the global objectives defined at the 2021 conference in Kunming, China.

In winemaking, as in the rest of agriculture, the theme of biodiversity conservation is more relevant now than ever before. In light of the effects of climate change, if we wish to continue to benefit from the Earth’s resources in the years to come it is essential to preserve coexistence, in the same ecosystem, of diverse species of animals and plants that, together, create balance as a result of their intertwining relationships. It is with an eye to the future that several agricultural theories and practices are combined with ecological knowledge to maintain biodiversity in the viticultural ecosystem. For example, in order to conserve a healthy ecosystem it is very helpful to have varied fauna that ensures vine-animal interaction though activities such as grazing, beekeeping, using draught horses to work the soil, or creating green corridors between the vines to encourage the presence of wild animals. The use of green manure improves the microbiome of the soil and, at the same time, increases the number of essences in flowers, while the development and protection of antagonistic species helps to ward off parasites.

So, today, we raise a glass to biodiversity – that incredibly complex mosaic of nature that is not just a feast for the eyes, but also the true and fundamental life force of our planet.

22 May 2022

(image: un.org)