Germany, Belgium, Holland, we are with you!

The tragedy in Germany has deeply shocked us, and given us a deep awareness of how weak and powerless we all are when confronted with the forces of nature.

We all must reflect, change, and act! Simply watching and wringing our hands is not an option; we all must bring about change. That change can and must start with each one of us in our small daily activities of respect towards the environment in which we live. Climate change is bringing to their knees ever-larger regions, and farmers are the ones that are often paying the price. Those who work the earth know how generous it can be, but also what devastation it can bring if not deeply respected.

We mourn with the people in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, countries where we have many friends. We hope that they and everyone else have survived the floods unscathed. We wish all those affected the necessary courage, strength, energy to start again.

21st July 2021

(photo: Weingut Steffens-Keß)