Earth Day: 22 April 2023

Tomorrow, Saturday 22 April, we celebrate Earth Day, to make people more aware of the need to protect “our home,” Planet Earth.

Today more than ever before, climate change is creating challenges even for viticulture, bringing abrupt weather extremes, long droughts, wildfires, and unexpected freezes. To cope with all these unwelcome events, the winemaking community has deepened its understanding of climate change and its consequences and has adopted a wide range of new winegrowing practices, among them planting vineyards at higher elevations and utilizing fungus-resistant grape varieties.

Saving the planet is our communal responsibility, and each one of us should be aware of our own personal environmental impact. In our own modest way, Thurner PR is committed to exercising our profession in ways that impact our environment as little as possible, as the CSQA agency has recently recognised, through its Carbon Footprint certification.

21st April 2023