Clubhouse: the new social media under the radar

Launched at the beginning of 2020 by the American company Alpha Exploration, Clubhouse is the new audio-chat-based social networking app, which has already conquered 6 million users worldwide. Wondering how it works? Users can enter the thematic “rooms” of the Clubhouse to listen to ongoing conversations or actively participate in them by forwarding a request to the moderators. You must join in real time because conversations are not recorded and, once the conversation is over, it is not possible to listen to them again. A real live experience!

Even the world of wine wasn’t immune to the appeal of this new social network where insiders and winelovers have already begun to discuss the most diverse topics: from the evolution of food services to the e-commerce of wine, from the change in food and wine consumption at the time of Covid-19 to more specific topics related to oenology or agronomy.

What is certain is that Clubhouse has identified and taken advantage of some key trends in social networks and in the world of digital communication, such as vocal- and real-time engagement. Could this app be the future? Clubhouse is still at its beta stage and at the moment its use is exclusively limited to owners of Apple technology and just upon invite, but judging by the calibre of interested investors (such as venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, one of the first to believe in Twitter, Facebook, Groupon and Airbnb) it should not be a fad…

18 February 2021